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After you you download the file, unzip the contents to a folder.

Set PowerShell Execution Policy

Launch an elevated PowerShell console by right-clicking the PowerShell icon and selecting ‘Run as Administrator’.

Run Powershell Elevated

Next, in order to run scripts you will need to set the Powershell Execution Policy to ‘RemoteSigned’.  In the elevated console type

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Type Y and press enter to confirm


Unblock Scripts

Next, you will need to unblock the scripts as they were download from the internet(or you will get the error that it is not digitally signed, below).

Get-Software - Error

In Windows Explorer, right-click on Get-Software.ps1 and select Properties. Click Unblock then click OK.

Unblock Files

You will need to repeat this for the remainder of the files Build-Kit.ps1, Create-Media.ps1, Get-Software.ps1 and readme.txt. And also for the files in the Modules folder Software.psm1, TestLab.psm1 and Downloads.xml.
Change to Build Folder

You are now ready to launch the scripts. All scripts are self documenting.  To get the help type:

Get-Help .\Get-Software.ps1 –Detailed

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